Rowe Remains A Rider

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Author: Leicester Riders
Date: 20th May, 2013

The 27-year-old Rowe was born in Plymouth and played for his hometown club, Plymouth Raiders, for 4 seasons after graduating from North Georgia University in the States, before joining Riders early last season.

Rowe knocked down nearly 12 points a game and averaged close to 7 rebounds and just over 1 assist per-game for the Jelson Homes DMU-backed Riders, which helped Rowe pick up his first silverware in the BBL.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to come back with the Riders,” said Rowe.

“I was really pleased with the way I was welcomed into the Riders team part way through the season and Leicester has proved a great team, a great club, and a great organisation.”

“I am absolutely ecstatic to come back with the Riders.”

“Winning three trophies was well beyond my expectations, but well deserved, because this team put in a lot of hard work,” he continued.

“I really always wanted to stay and defend those titles and keep that success coming to the city.”

The forward admitted head coach, Rob Paternostro, was a factor in his decision, “Rob is a great coach, and good person, and was undoubtedly part of the reason I am here,” Rowe said.

“He has total respect of his players, and I feel I have learned a lot and improved immensely throughout the season. As a team, I think we can step up again. It is great we have already got a number of British players back. If you look at successful teams over a number of years in the BBL, keeping a solid group of good British players is a big factor and I really like the way the club is getting on and getting key players under contract early.”

Anthony Rowe - Playoff Final 2013

Rowe putting the squeeze on Eagles during the 2013 Playoff Final.

Riders head coach, Rob Paternostro, added:

“Last season, when Rowe arrived, he fitted in really well and proved his ability to adapt to what we were looking for quickly. Anthony can do a variety of things at both ends of the court, but most impressive is his hunger to win. He also brings a lot to the organisation in terms of his outstanding work in the community.

What I really like is, with Rowe’s signing, we are building a core of young British talent in our team, when you add in Jamell Anderson and Connor Washington.

These guys send a message to the younger players in our organisation that if you buckle down, train hard and listen and learn, there are openings in our team. And, of course, their signings give huge flexibility to our squad.”

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