Riders Slay the Giants and Move to 3-0 in Big Win

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Author: RidersMedia
Date: 30th September, 2019

Leicester Riders took victory on the road this weekend to move to 3-0 with a huge victory over the Manchester Giants.

The Riders were able to stamp their defensive authority on the game from the start, holding the Giants scoreless in the opening three minutes of the game.

It took a moment for the Riders offensive flow to come but by the half the visitors led 44-20 at the half, again with the defence holding the Giants to just 9 points in the second quarter.

The second half saw Jamell Anderson dial in from deep with Kyron Cartwright continue his dominance on the ball, dishing out 11 assists in the game.

Jamell Anderson led the scoring on the weekend to continue his hot streak to the season with 21 points whilst Josh Ward-Hibbert added a 20 pint double-double in the victory.

Next the Riders will turn their attention to the Newcastle Eagles, as they come to the Morningside Arena, Leicester this weekend with tickets available by CLICKING HERE.

Hear from Head Coach Rob Paternostro on the Riders victory this weekend.

The Riders continued their team-first culture with contributions across the board this weekend.

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