Riders’ Anderson Graduates Loughborough

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Author: Leicester Riders
Date: 5th September, 2014

Jamell Anderson completed his time in higher education this week by graduating from Loughborough College.

Anderson has studied alongside his playing career with the Riders for the last three season through an Elite Player Pathway at Loughborough College.

Jamell graduates with a degree in Sports Science and Management, Loughborough University affiliated degree and was very pleased to achieve what he set out to.

“I’m so happy for Jamell.” – Paternostro on Anderson’s Graduation

“It’s been an amazing experience studying here, the staff such as Rob Jarrum, Elaine Locke, Anthony White, Ruth Goodfield and many many others have just made my time at the University much easier. 

Studying whilst playing professional basketball can be considered very difficult and at times it really was challenging. Thanks to the support from Loughborough College and Loughborough University staff, it’s just been so much fun even when it was difficult. 

I’m glad to have come to the end of studying as I’ve been looking forward to playing basketball full time. Training with adequate rest and performing with all my focus on basketball will be great I’m sure. 

I just cannot say thank you enough to Loughborough College and University for everything! Being a scholar at this University has just been an honour and I will always speak highly of the student-athlete experience here.”

Coach Paternostro is please to see the young Brit achieve his academic goals and graduate from Loughborough and continue his time at the Riders next season.

“I’m so happy for Jamell, he has worked very hard and has been a star on the court and in the classroom.”

“I think he is an excellent example for young British players, he has played basketball at a high level while graduating from a fantastic university, everyone at the Riders is very proud of him.”

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