Paternostro Inks Four-Year Extension with Riders

Category: News
Author: Joe Pinchin
Date: 11th July, 2014

Rob Paternostro will continue his role as Head Coach of the Leicester Riders after signed a four-year extension of his current contract with the club.

Coach Paternostro will continue his time at the helm into his seventh season with the club and extend his time as the winningest coach in club history.

Paternostro helped catapult the Riders forwards to becoming one of the elite of teams in the BBL and led the team to four trophies in the last two years, the most by any coach in the club’s 47 year history.

Coach Paternostro commented on his new appointment.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision for me, I really enjoy living here and I’m very excited about the club going forward .

These past six seasons have been exciting times for the Riders and it’s been wonderful to be a part of.

It’s always been about the long term for us, everything we do is for the long term gain of the club and we are very optimistic about the future.

It has been a tremendous club to work for, our staff, volunteers and supporters have always made me feel right at home, it’s been a very special place for me.”

Russell Levenston, Managing Director of the Leicester Riders, commented.

“Rob [Paternostro] has done an incredible job over the past six seasons, helping to drive the club forwards to our most successful years in the organisations history. We are happy to have him at the helm and look forward to the years to come.”

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