Kwoklyn Wan comes to the 1967 Club on April 5th

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Date: 22nd January, 2019

The Leicester Riders 1967 Club will welcome Kwoklyn Wan to the 1967 Club on April 5th as the team take on the London City Royals in the BBL Championship.

Kwoklyn Wan will be cooking an exclusive Chinese menu featuring a Chinese Chicken Curry, Mushroom for vegetarians as the main course of this exciting evening for the guests of the 1967 club seating at 6pm ahead of the game at 7.30pm.

CLICK HERE to check out the full menu for the night

Tickets are  priced £69 for public to book for the exclusive event (Business rates are £69.00 plus VAT) with places available to booking with our ticket office on 01162558635 now. More information on all the benefits guest of the he 1967 Club receive can be found by clicking here.

Speaking to the Morningside Arena, Kwoklyn Wan detailed how got his passion for food.

“My earliest memories are the ones surrounded by my family, sitting down to feast on banquets of home-style Chinese food. Growing up in the heart of Leicester with my little brother and older sister, we were constantly surrounded by food and it has played such an important part in all of our lives. Grandfather Wan opened the very first Chinese Restaurant, The Hung Lau, in Leicester in 1962 and then Poppa Wan opened the very first Cantonese Restaurant, The Bamboo House, again in Leicester in 1978.

“Now, nearly 40 years later, I am the third generation of Wan Restaurateur’s. The restaurants started out as our playground; where we spent a lot of time playing with our elder cousins, hiding under the tables, running through the kitchen and bolting up and down the stairs as my cousins would chase us with dead bees they had found in the window. Growing up in the industry, I learnt my skills as a Chinese chef at a very early age.

“Having been introduced to Martial Arts at the local centre at the tender age of 4, I continued my journey into adulthood with my usual desire to be the best at whatever I do and later, having chosen to specialise in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, I made a name for myself worldwide training with many of the greats under Bruce and teaching for the Bruce Lee Foundation in America.

However, even with an actively successful Martial Arts School in Leicester and after years of bringing huge shows to the NEC or hosting top instructor seminars, my passion has once again returned to food.

“Over the last 3 years, I have been actively sharing my passion for all things delicious through the written word, media interviews, regular appearances on BBC Radio Leicester, live demonstrations at various food festivals and on TV; in January 2018 on ‘This Morning’ with Phil & Holly and more recently presenting the BBC 1 Inside Out documentary that aired on 24th September 2018.”

CLICK HERE to see Kwoklyn & Monica Winfield cooking live on BBC Radio Leicester (23rdSeptember 2017)

Kwoklyn Wan’s first book ‘Chinese Takeaway Cookbook’, commissioned by and in publication with Quadrille Publishing is set for release in the UK on 24 January 2019.  The book holds the key to cooking perfect Chinese Takeaway dishes as well as essential shopping tips and cooking tricks of the trade.

Available now on pre-order by CLICKING HERE

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