Gamble Remains with Riders

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Author: Leicester Riders
Date: 9th June, 2015

Riders forward Harrison Gamble has signed a new deal with the Leicester club that will see him return to the court as a Riders for the 2015/16 season.

The 22-year old forward will continue with the Leicester Riders for his third season after returning from Girona, Spain where he played a single season.

The young brit continues has continued to improve on the court over the two seasons with the Riders and enjoys the great atmosphere around the team.

“We had a good season last year, with 30 wins and a second place finish. It has been the best team that I have played on both on and off the court. We are really close on and off the court.”

“It has been the best team that I have played on both on and off the court.” –  Harrison Gamble on life with the Riders.

Gamble will remain in Loughborough and Leicester over the summer with many 0f his team mates to continue workouts on and off the court as they prepare for next season.

“My time this summer will be spend in the gym and on the court. I will be working with Kico and really prepare my body for next season to perform at a high level for the team.

“Next year, my personal goals are to stay healthy so that I can help the team go out to try and win every game we play. It will be a long year but we will be doing our best to win every time we step on to the court.”


Gamble in action for the Riders this season

Gamble also works with Loughborough College, coaching the U19 Academy team for a second season and will continue to give back to the young players involved in the team.

“I love the role with the college. The guys come in and play hard and the group grows each year as the basketball culture for the younger guys at the college gets bigger each year.”

Harrison with suit up with teammates in August when preseason begins for the group ahead of the 2015/16 campaign.

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