Coach Jarram Reflects on time at the #DENGTOP50

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Author: Joe Pinchin
Date: 27th August, 2017

Leicester Riders Assistant Coach and Loughborough Student Riders Head Coach Mark Jarram took time out of preparations for the season to attend Luol Deng’s #DENGTOP50 this week in London.

Coach Jarram joined the #DENGTOP50 as one of six Head Coaches on the four day elite camp featuring the Top 50 players that have yet to commit to their plans after that leave further education in the UK.

Jarram, who enters his sixth season with the Leicester Riders this year, took his camp team to victory on the final day of the camp and was selected to coach the in the Top 20 All-Star game in the finale of the fourth #DENGTOP50 camp.

“It was an awesome 4 days for so many reasons,” commented Coach Jarram on his first experience as a coach on the camp.

“Massive respect to Luol Deng and Steve Vear. They alongside the help of an amazing staff have helped create a really cool environment. It is unique to have all the top players and coaches in one place working together.

Mark Jarram was awarded the Joe White award for his performance on the camp and the impact he created with the players throughout the four days of the camp.

The camp also featured BBL coaches Atiba Lyons and Nigel Lloyd alongside US visiting Coach Joe Mantagena and a selection of British coaches with experience across different age groups.

DENG Camp also pulled staff expertise in Performance Analysis, leaders in the media industry and coaching experts to lead on the Top 50 rankings system throughout the camp, an environment that Coach Jarram joyed.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work with different players and share time with like minded coaches. The Deng Camp seems to grow and improve every year and is a credit to what can happen when people work together.”

The Leicester Riders and Loughborough Student Riders open formal pre-season this week which Coach Jarram will return to ahead of game action starting up again for the season soon.

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