Charnwood’s Hofmann commits to Presbyterian College

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Author: RidersMedia
Date: 17th May, 2017

Charnwood College Riders and England International Nicole Hofmann is headed to Presbyterian College to compete in NCAA Division One Big South Conference whilst continuing education on a athletic scholarship following a positive two seasons with Charnwood College Riders.

What made you decide to commit to Presbyterian college?
This school was the first that got in contact with me and stuck with me until I finally made my decision, the coaches have always been interested which had a huge effect of finally making my decision, but also knowing that they are still so keen even when they found out about my injury, because a long term injury like this could effect my recruiting process, they still wanted me to be part of their programme, which made me really happy

How did you find the recruiting process?
the recruiting process is long, constantly emailing various colleges, phone calls, having to sit SATs, also signing up for the eligibility, it just all felt very repetitive but knowing that doing all it gets you where you want to go then it’s 100% worth it

What are you looking forward to most for next season?
I’m looking forward to the whole new experience of playing, as in America the game can be very different, also looking forward to playing with a whole new team and learning in a different environment from other coaches. But mainly next season I’m looking forward to coming back from my injury and being able to play again

How has your time at Charnwood been so far?
My time at Charnwood over the last year and half have been amazing, the people I have met whilst being here have made being here so much better. My team, I would probably say are my best friends, being with them 24/7, from the classroom, to the court, to living together, you don’t realise how close you become! On and off court everyone gets along, Charnwood was definitely the best choice for me and I’m so happy I made that decision.

Charnwood wouldn’t be the same without my coach, Krumesh, he literally has done everything for me, and is always there whenever you need to speak to him, I honestly don’t know how he has coped with my tantrums on and off court but he always seems to find a way! So I would like to say a huge thank you to him!

How does the programme that Charnwood offer help you?
The programme at Charnwood is something that mentally and physically challenges you, I didn’t know what I was in for until I came here. From training twice a week to now twice a day, everyday is something that you get used to after a bit, like it’s normal. It helps you in many ways not just with the basketball, but also where you want go after Charnwood, they are always supporting you and looking for you to have the best opportunities in life. You really do get the best coaching from here and would highly recommend for anyone that is looking to take there career further.

What is your favourite memory of Charnwood so far?
I honestly couldn’t say I have one specific thing that has been my favourite memory, there have been so many from getting to the WEABL finals, 2 years running, winning u19/17, going to Estonia for the 3v3, even from the start of our time at Charnwood when we got to know each when we went to Spain, but I couldn’t pinpoint one out to be my favourite, the last 2 years have actually been amazing!

A person that I would like especially thank you is Nick Ibberson my old coach, before I came to Charnwood! he did everything for me, in his spare time doing extra sessions outside of school to coming into school when I was free to do some some, picking me up an dropping me off home after practice, driving me to England camps, everything! I couldnt appreciate it anymore!! Also my parents, for supporting me throughout the whole time I have been playing basketball, I couldn’t have done it without them!

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