Charnwood College Riders travel to Croatia for ISF World 5v5 Championships

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Author: RidersMedia
Date: 29th April, 2017

The Charnwood College Riders Women will travel to Croatia to take part in the International Schools Federation (ISF) World 5v5 Championships this week.

The Charnwood College Riders will represent England for a second time at the ISF World Championships, previously placing third in the World 3×3 Championships in May of last season.

“It is really excited to be selected to go to the ISF World Championships,” said Head Coach Krumesh Patel who will lead the team into their second World Championships. “We had a incredible time with the 3×3! I think the 5×5 in Croatia going to be such a great experience for the girls, look forward to playing teams from all around the world.”

“Being chosen to go to compete in the ISF 5×5 in Croatia is such a good opportunity,” commented Senior Forward and Elon commit Anna Popovic. “To compete in international basketball and see how other nations play and the level of other academies alike ourselves is always great! My last experience at an ISF tournament was amazing, so really looking forward to going and competing once again! 

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Check out some of the highlights from last year’s Championships in Tallin, Estonia.

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