Charnwood College Riders Take Victory in Division Four Men

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Author: RidersMedia
Date: 30th October, 2017

Charnwood College Riders had to wait four games until they got their first win today. Birmingham Mets was in the same situation on table Division 4 before the game and they thought it was an opportunity to win. But Students played strong, mainly at third period, to beat Mets 97-78.

First period was for Riders and second for Birmingham. Each team tried to run different styles of playing. Students with quick transitions and all the players involved in both parts of the court while Mets wanted to play 5 on 5 in half court with their big guys scoring close to the rim and helped with one of the best scores of the game, Preware, that get 4 threes and 18 points in total. First half finished with a 41-41 on the scoreboard.

The face of the game changed on the third period. Charnwood outscored Birmingham 34-12. Riders coach decided to play without a point guard and also deny their best player Preware to score a point in this period. Riders run the court easily and all the players contributed in defense and scoring. Game was broken. Ellis Haggith with 10 points in this period and 14 in the game emerged to give Riders fresh air from the bench.

Last period was also great with both teams focused in offense while scoreboard was more or less the same. Students players had the chance to be in the game more minutes to prepare next important games for the time.

Coach Navarro from Riders said at the end of the game “We have done a lot of good things, but not every game is easy to score like today. It is important that we can put more players in the court that can give strength and energy to the style we would like to run every single match. Of course we are happy for our first win but we have to improve our defense to keep our rivals between 60 and 70 points, and now it’s difficult”.

Charnwood will face Mansfield Giants away on Saturday while Mets will play at home against Warwickshire Hawks.

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