Charnwood College Alumni Brandon Hitchman checks In from Arizona

Category: News
Author: Joe Pinchin
Date: 31st January, 2014

Brandon Hitchman graduated Charnwood College and the Loughborough Basketball Programme in July and has since headed overseas to continue his basketball at Westwind Prep in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brandon was a student at Charnwood College as well as a boarder at the Leicester Riders’ Field House and was part of the Loughborough Student Riders EBL Division Four team for the majority of the National League season. Brandon also made appearances in the EBL Division Two and BBL roster whilst competing for Charnwood College in National Colleges competitions throughout the 2012/2013 season.

How are you finding your time so far at Westwind:

Everything at Westwind is great, it’s a small prep school but the educational side of the school is really good.

How is the style of of basketball compared to the UK?

The basketball is a lot quicker and more athletic, but Coach Jai Steadman has coached overseas and in the NBA D-League so he likes to put in a lot of European sets which fits my game a lot better.

How did your time at Loughborough Basketball, Charnwood College and Field House help prepare you for the transition overseas?

Being at Feild house helped me a lot , living on your own and in a new country is really hard but living away from home in Feild house helped me be more independent and mange my school work well.

How are thing off the court?

Outside of basketball in the US everything is great, the weather in Phoenix is crazy! It has only rained onces since I’ve been here and even that was only for five minutes. It’s sunny every day, it’s perfect! As a team we’ve been to some American football games in Phoenix as well as watching a lot of Phoenix Suns NBA games downtown in the city.

What, if anything, are you missing most from the UK?

The main thing I’m missing from the UK is my family and friends. Other then that, the Sunday roast and of course my Mum’s cooking.

And what are you enjoying most about the experience so far?

The thing I most enjoy out here is just getting up everyday and knowing there’s a court I can go and play on any hour of the day! We had great access at Loughborough but here we have a free court 24/7. We have our own gym as well as a LA Fitness across the street so we can shoot, lift, and play pick-up games whenever we like. Also the Mexican food out here is crazy good!!

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