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Brandon Clark Preview’s Glasgow Rocks

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Author: Russell Levenston
Date: 2nd February, 2017

Ally Darlow had a chance to catch up with Brandon Clark ahead of the Leicester Riders’ BBC televised game in the BBL Championship game against the Glasgow Rocks, heres what Brandon had to say:

We’re just past the halfway point in the season and it’s fair to say the Riders are flying. What does it mean to you to be top of the league and how big an achievement would it be for both the club to retain the Championship and for you personally to win your first?

It feels good to be at the top of the league right now, I don’t even think we’ve hit our stride yet or playing our best basketball so yeah top of the league is good right now but I still think that we have ways to go and that we can play better basketball.”

This is a huge clash in the BBL as 1st plays 3rd, how important are these games at the top end of the table?

“It’s very important, very important anytime you’re going up against a team with that’s almost where you are in the table then you’ve gotta deal with those. We let the first game slip away from us and then we won the last game so they’re gonna be trying to come back and get that win but I think we’re in a good position right now if we just play together and keep playing our style of basketball then we should be fine”

Glasgow took a narrow win over you in the reverse fixture back in November to end the Riders 9-0 start to the season. Is there any added incentive to get one back over them now?

“Yeah and no, I think that whenever you play, you wanna beat a team but when you’re playing a top team I think that’s incentive enough as it is. They’re a great club and anytime we lace up against another great club like us we’re gonna be ready to go”

What’s the overall feeling like in the squad at the moment, since you’re playing some amazing stuff and looking strong at the top?

“I think we’re coming together more, trusting each other and trusting the process, I think that we’re just ready to get after it as a unit. We’re still knocking on that top notch basketball that I know we can all put together. We’ve been putting games over 40 minutes, about 32 minutes together where we’re playing so we’re still waiting for that game where for 40 minutes we’re all focused, all locked in and where it all clicks. So we’re itching to get to that point which is incentive enough to bring it every night because we haven’t reached our peak yet”

Do you think that playing away from home gives Glasgow the edge here in this tie?

“I dunno, I actually like playing on the road because it brings the unit all together, it’s you and your team and the coaches all together against the team and their fans and I like that, it puts some extra fire under me and makes me perform”

And last but not least, do you have a message for the fans?

Yeah I do have a message for the fans: We’re gonna give it everything we got and the fans that are travelling with us they’re always great and the ones that are watching at home we plan to put on a show to make Leicester proud.”

You can watch the Riders live on BBC from 19:30 on Friday, 3rd February right here:

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