Big Week for Charnwood’s Andre Arissol

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Date: 28th March, 2016

Charnwood College Senior Andre Arissol completed an historic week during his time involved in the Loughborough Basketball Programme with a debut appearance for the Leicester Riders in the BBL.

Charnwood College took victory in the EABL Final at the Leicester Sports Arena on Wednesday before Arissol stepped into the BBL line-up for the Riders for the first time, making his debut with the team.

In a week that began with the Loughborough Student Riders taking victory in Brixton to secure promotion to Division One next season, Arissol continued to help lead Charnwood College to victory in the EABL Final before stepping into the BBL line-up for the Riders for the first time, making his debut with the team.

“Winning the EABL is a huge achievement” stated Arissol, “Taking into consideration we were up against the number one seed who haven’t lost a game this season.

“I was so happy we took the challenge and came out on top. The feeling of winning the EABL was unforgettable.”

The Northampton bread point-guard was happy to take the victory on the home court of the Riders in front of over a quarter of the Charnwood College pupil base at the game.

“Playing at home at the LCS arena with our home fans was exactly what we needed, playing as underdogs our fans really gave us the confidence boost.”

Just days after taking the win Arissol took the floor for the first time in a good BBL Championship victory for the Riders and was understandably pleased with the appearance in the line-up.

“Making my first BBL debut was just so much fun! As soon as Coach Rob [Paternostro] said my name I sprinted to the table before he could change his mind! It’s a moment I won’t forget and it is an honour it was to play along side players I look up to and hope to achieve what they have and more.”

Arissol re-joins the Loughborough Student Riders for the remainder of the NBL Playoffs as the team hope to finish an historic season well having already secured promotion to Division One in the NBL.

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