Anna Popovic to Attend Elon University

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Author: RidersMedia
Date: 9th January, 2017

Charnwood College student Anna Popovic has verbally committed to attend Elon University next season on scholarship. We caught up with Anna about her experience of the recruiting process, making her decision and her time at Charnwood so far.

How does it feel to finally have committed?

“The feeling is insane! Ask anyone around me, I’ve been in the best mood and so happy since finalising my decision! Definitely feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders, knowing that I have chosen the best school for me, and that I know where I’ll be going and playing for the next 4 years!”

What made you decide to commit to Elon?

“To be honest, Elon was always one of my favourite colleges that contacted me, it always came across great to me by looking at the campus on pictures and reports by others, also getting to know the coaches and constantly being in contact with them was good! My visit just confirmed my thoughts and there was no way I could say no to committing, I absolutely loved it!”

How did you find the recruiting process?

“The recruiting process was a lot of effort. A lot of emailing to various coaches in various divisions, along with Skype calls, beginning my NCAA eligibility, sitting SAT’s but it’s definitely all worth it, just had to be motivated and see the end product!”

How was your experience visiting Elon?

“I went out for a visit over New Year, which was amazing! I finally got chance to meet the coaches in person and they really made me feel welcome. They are genuinely kind and amazing people, who are very passionate about the programme, which from the start was a big influence in my decision! Also, the campus just amazed me along with the court and the facilities. Another thing was the education, there is a big emphasis on it and good success rate. Finally, meeting the team probably sealed my decision, even over two days they made me feel welcome, to be honest I didn’t want to leave!”

What are you looking forward to most for next season?

“I think to start with it’ll be great to just be in America and living in a college lifestyle. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and being part of a new team and environment along with playing college basketball, and experiencing that style of the game!”

How has your time at Charnwood been so far?

“My time at Charnwood has been amazing! I could not be happier with my decision of spending my last 2 years here. I’ve been part of an amazing group of girls who will definitely be lifelong friends, they have taught me so much on and off court. I also need to give credit, where credit is due, to my coach Krumesh. He’s definitely made my time here at Charnwood even better and supported me and picked me up many times along the way! Genuinely have and still do love Charnwood! It’s pushed me in so many ways and the programme is just one big family! So much love for everyone in it!”

How does the programme that Charnwood offer help you?

“The programme is definitely challenging upon all AASE students. Coming from playing basketball twice or three times a week, to everyday, multiple times a day, was something that I physically and mentally had to get used too. This helped me get in the right mindset and the reality of how much work I would have to put in to achieve, especially because I wanted to play in America, where your schedule only gets tougher! There is a lot of support, no matter what pathway you want to go down, whether thats British university or American, the coaches will help you achieve anything you want, as long as you want to achieve too!”

What is your favourite memory of Charnwood so far?

“My favourite memory of Charnwood has got to be WEABL and EABL finals, it was a rollercoaster of emotions and although the girls didn’t win, the experience of being at a national final was crazy and an achievement in itself. But also being there to support the boys and witness their win was amazing, definitely a moment everyone will remember (especially the huge pile on).”

Coach Krumesh Patel also commented on how pleased he was to see Anna commit to Elon.

Extremely happy for Anna. She has worked really hard over the last year and a half, and I am happy that she has found a good fit with Elon.”

“I think she will really excel there and I wish her all the best when she goes there! They’ve really picked up not only a good basketball player but a great person.

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