Jamell Anderson

Anderson Commits Future

Category: News
Author: Leicester Riders
Date: 19th September, 2012

Jelson Homes DMU Leicester Riders have extended the contract of Great Britain player Jamell Anderson by a further three years.

The player is in his final year at Loughborough College, and we’re keen to commit to the player once he has graduated.

Anderson recently competed for England in the inaugural 3-on-3 World Championships in Athens.
Riders Head Coach Rob Paternostro said:

“Jamell is very important to the Club, and is improving day by day. He has tremendous athletic talent, and is a very hard worker. Whatever I ask him to do gets done, and I truly believe he has a lot more to come, so it is great he has committed to the Club.”

Riders General Manager Russell Levenston added:

“We are absolutely delighted that Jamell has agreed this contract, because we are extremely keen to support Great Britain players. We would like to believe that Jamell can be a part of the Club for a very long time.”

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